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Be sure to join Larraine on Tuesday August 12, 2014 for a half hour phone-in show on the province wide CBC Radio programme “alberta@noon.”  Hear all about Great Walks of the World and feel free to join in with questions or comments about some of the walks highlighted in the book or perhaps some of your own favourites.

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“I have just finished Offa’s Dyke Path. I am definitely an “armchair traveller”. I have never walked for more than two hours at a time, and always enjoyed it. I am particularly happy reading this book because my husband and I have been to six of the areas mentioned. It brings back memories. I appreciate the book very much for the author’s sense of humour, the geography and history of the area and also the marvelous detail and reference for the Hikes. It is an exceptional book in every way.”

                                                                                                                                Grace P. Marshall


“What sets your book apart from other guidebooks is that it has both the immensely practical details of the hikes, (elevation gains, lengths, trail conditions), but all the extras too – the history and literary references. We went to Patagonia last winter and I thought I had read everything there was to read about the “W” and El Chalten, I wish I had your book last year. It is still a treat to read now. When we hiked in Patagonia, we had spent years reading various books about it, but you put all the pieces together in one place.”

                                                                                                                                Susan Scott


“Let’s start by saying we both loved the book. Obviously you have done some serious hiking and more serious research. We found the book easy to read and understand. Betsy especially enjoyed all of the history/cultural features of the book. These sections really demonstrate why one should consider doing these hikes and they make the book so much more than the routine hiking guide. We have done three of the hikes you describe. We now know a lot more about the history and environment of the surrounding areas. So even if you have “already done that” this makes a good read . . . and a great starting point for selecting and planning a hike.”

                                                                                                                                Betsy Devlin & Bernie McMahon